“BATH – Bath Room Accessibility for temporary habitats”

It’s an ambitious challenge offered by Senaf to teachers and students of Department of Architecture and Design of Genoa for Expo-Sanità. A fair that for over four decades has the goal to innovate and make a more efficient health system. Through presenting latest generation services, products and solutions.

Briefly the contest aim was to design a portable bathroom that combines solutions that meet the needs of a large and heterogeneous audience, while respecting design, accessibility, functionality and aesthetics.

Our team loves the challenges that lead us to deliver better products for our customers.

Accordingly as a leading company in luxury mobile toilets sector, we accepted to turn into a real product the competition winner project.

As well with other leading companies that participated as suppliers:

“Bath” is the first portable fully accessible luxury bathroom ever made. To learn more, please click here.

Creating a mobile bathroom prototype that combines solutions that meet the needs of a large and heterogeneous public, while respecting design, accessibility, functionality and aesthetics, additionally implemented our knowledge and sensitivity towards inclusiveness.

Special Edition

From this forming experience, we wanted to implement our mobile facilities with a special edition to allow our customers to offer a bathroom to users with visual, mobile, hearing impairments or other impediments for a dignified and safe use of toilets.

CC-BM-X2-W: Two twin bathrooms complete with toilet and sink created for the most complete inclusion.

A convenient illuminated access ramp leads to a generously sized parking platform, entry is also facilitated by the pivoting doors that allow entry / exit in total comfort.

Presence sensors regulate internal lighting, integrated with the external free / busy signal present on both entrances and along the handrail.

Internally we find sanitary design coatings and ceramics and a completely no touch system operation.

Esterno di monoblocco con due stanze da bagno inclusive indipendenti