Italian company focused on design and production of portable toilets hire and long term rental.

Our artisan workshop also provides service of creating bespoke structures for sale.

Our offer

Our structures

cabina bagno in scocca esterna colore legno bianco
Wc Pod


facciata esterna di monoblocco idrico a tre porte con pedana disabili
Wheelchair accessible toilet plus twin standard portable bathrooms


external view of portable toilet cc-bm-x6 white mirrror finish
Double room prefab bathroom


bagno mobile di lusso compatto per disabili a due stanze
Portable Twin Toilet


Water operated is the new luxury

Water is the main operating feature of our luxury prefab structures.

While designers around the world are looking for more sustainable solutions to reduce the environmental impact, avoiding use of chemical agents is intrinsically a clear need. Thanks to Geberit‘s products, our Fashion Toilets are able to express the best water saving and technical efficiency functions available at the state of the art.

design meets function image by geberit

Do you need a perfect restroom area?

Hire a dedicated team and enjoy the luxury of thinking of nothing.

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Product quality

Italian craftsmanship quality is renowned all over the world to the extent that MADE IN ITALY is recognized as a real brand of excellence. Fashion Toilet products express uniqueness and exclusivity because they are entirely designed and manufactured within our company by master artisans.

lavorazione artigiana

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