Bathroom Rental for Fashion Events

The our Cube represent the ideal solution to set up the toilets area within a high fashion presentation. Organizing a prestigious event is a responsibility that we share with our customers, for this reason our luxury toilets are treated in every detail. Fashion Toilet products express uniqueness and exclusivity because they are entirely designed and manufactured within our company.

We are able to customize our prefabricated buildings of luxury by making substantial changes to existing structures or design ad hoc solutions for the most demanding customers. In Fashion Toilet we are ready to fulfill your requests, just contact us to solve the problem of your event’s toilet facilities quickly and easily.


Rental Bathrooms for Weddings

Our experience in the wedding sector will be of great help in organizing a luxury toilets area available to the couple’s guests.

Over the years we have developed solutions suitable for almost any type of location: villas in the countryside and along the lake, castles, beaches, vineyards and mountain huts. Ask us for references, details and all the information you deem necessary.

As for all our interventions, even for the wedding day the service area will be entirely taken care of by our company. Our assistance is “all inclusive”, to learn more see the page about rentals .

Rental Baths for Corporates Events

It will be a memorable day for the launch of a new product , perhaps a annual convention or the inauguration ceremony of a new production facility, in each case everything will have to be perfect, we know it well! Fashion Toilet is the company chosen with conviction by market leaders, not surprisingly.

We wanted to be one of the few players in the world able to design, produce and set up temporary luxury toilets high-level and do so by maintaining some key principles on which it is centered our success in the world of events: product exclusivity , professionalism , trust . All this is at your disposal!


Perchè scegliere noi

Custom Projects Bathrooms for Events

Tailor-made production of any prefabricated structure, with endless choices of fittings, colors and finishes in line with your event.

Rental Full Baths for Events

Our service is full service and satisfies every type of need, from the structure to the hygiene operators.

Wide selection of Mobile Bathrooms

Fashion Toilet offers many facilities with different functions, styles and colors, to fulfill your every wish.