Modular system: Modo

The MODO or “MO” modular system has been designed with the aim of translating an elegant, versatile and compact product into reality.

It is a set of modular prefabricated buildings. Prefabricated hygienic modules designed for events, weddings, corporate retreats, ceremonies, expo, fashion shows, concerts.

Created for interiors, adaptable also for exteriors with the help of tensile structures. The measures of the structures are also calibrated in order to create open spaces, VIP areas or bathroom areas under tensile structures.

Bathroom modules are quick to install and have infinite combination possibilities both alone and together with Cube products.

Prefab module system are made up of five structures: pair of washbasins with no touch system taps; single washbasin with no touch system taps; urinals; wc pod, with slow closing toilet seat; tower with air blade hand-dryer (CE certified system).