Design, production, rental and sale of luxury bathrooms for events

We are a artisan company focused on design and production of Prefabricated Luxury Baths for entertainment & hospitality industry.

We build with passion using the best interior design materials, select the best suppliers, perfect our techniques and shape everything to make each of our products unique and inimitable.

A point of reference in the world of Special Events.

Thanks to its exclusive park of rental facilities, to the preparation service with attention to the smallest details and to the specialized internal staff, we have won the hearts of the best event organizers, helping to make every single event different, unique and memorable.

Providing guests with an elegant, comfortable, hygienic bathroom event is our operational goal.
Doing it with passion, dedication and collaboration is our added value.

Here is who we are, a team of competent and motivated people who with their daily work contribute to improving the level of Hospitality, the way of thinking, imagining and organizing events in Italy.

Welcome to Fashion Toilet


Roberto Putortì

Founder e CEO 

Why to choose us


Tailor-made production of any prefabricated structure, with endless choices of fittings, colors and finishes.


Our service is complete with every kind of need, from the structure to the hygiene operators.


Fashion Toilet offers many facilities with different functions, styles and colors to fulfill your every wish.