Our bespoke solutions

We have developed a series of variants and provide a range of collateral services capable of responding to the most diverse set-up demands, such as:

  • custom design with a wide choice of materials and finishes;
  • rendering to be sure of what structures will look like before confirming it;
  • installation service included.

The need to install outdoor toilets is generally found in parks, public or private accommodation facilities, sports fields, campsites, etc. ; in these cases we offer insulated and finished structures capable of being perfectly in harmony with the surrounding environment.

Our solutions are also suitable for indoor environments. Custom would lead us to think of building or renovating bathrooms in traditional ways.

These systems present considerable uncertainty in the final balance and in the full success of the work as per project; our prefabricated solutions, on the other hand, are able to accurately respond to estimated times, projects and final costs.

Prefabricated structures advantages

Technological advances, both in the production of materials and in tools for design and implementation, have completely revolutionized the concept of prefabricated solutions.

The times in which “prefabricated” was synonymous with instability, insecurity and poor manufacturing quality are now a distant memory and certain negative characteristics are currently detectable only in productions made according to obsolete approaches.

Fashion Toilet’s prefabricated  solutions, of the most varied types, ensure high quality standards:

  • use of the best materials available;
  • stability;
  • durability over time;
  • energy efficiency;
  • high level of design.

Also characterized by a faster and simpler installation, they allow to obtain an almost total reduction of disturbances, noise and atmospheric pollution compared to a classic building installation.