Luxury Water Bathrooms, Elegant Prefabricated Bathrooms

Our solutions are suitable for outdoor and indoor bathrooms.


The needs to install outdoor toilets normally meet in parks, villas, hotels, public or private accommodation facilities, sports fields, camping sites etc. In these cases we offer insulated and finished structures that can be perfectly in line with the surrounding environment. Our solutions are also suitable for indoor environments where the custom would lead us to think of building or renovating a bathroom in traditional ways with an uncertainty in the final balance and in the full success of the work as planned. In these cases the prefabricated solutions are able to meet the legitimate demands of respect of time, project and final costs.


Permanent installation requirements for prefabricated toilets meet both in public and private environments, so we have developed projects that can answer the most diverse set-up questions, bringing a series of advantages to our proposals such as:

-design tailored with a wide choice of materials and finishes

-rendering to be sure of what your property will be like before you have confirmed it

-service installation included in the price.



On exceptional occasions (such as renovations, transfers or extensions of civil, industrial and commercial sites) the integration of toilets is sometimes necessary to compensate for the quantity or quality of those present in a given location.

Fashion Toilet has different types of prefabricated luxury bathrooms, each of which is designed for indoor and outdoor installations. These medium to long term temporary solutions are already available and allow for a comfortable and ready-to-use bathroom area.

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Design and production of prefabricated bathrooms

Custom design and production of any prefabricated bathroom structure. Visit our specialized site for a customized production.

Full Service Elegant Bath Hire

Our luxury bathroom rental service is complete with all kinds of needs, from the structure to the hygiene operators.

Different Solutions of Elegant Water Bathrooms

Fashion Toilet offers different types of water bath structures with dimensions suitable for any type of location.