Long term rental

On exceptional occasions (such as renovations, transfers or extensions of civil, industrial and commercial sites) it is sometimes necessary to integrate toilets to make up for the quantity or quality of those present in a given location.

Fashion Toilet offers an elegant and sustainable alternative to the chemical bathroom.

Having different types of prefabricated luxury bathrooms, each of which water-operated and designed for both indoor and outdoor installations. These medium to long-term temporary solutions are already available and allow for a comfortable and ready-to-use bathroom area.

How to get started

Just get in touch with us. We only need to know the site where you need to install the toilets, the time frame in which you will need it and the approximate number of people who will have to use them every day.

Our design team will work alongside you to study the optimal solution to your needs.

Services included

Fashion Toilet quality lies not only in its products but also in its offer of services and in its ability to support you in a discreet way in every need:

  • During the design part of the set-up you can take advantage of our consultancy and a referent will be assigned to your project.
  • At least 24 hours before we will leave to deliver the chosen products
  • Installationç we will proceed with the installation and hydraulic testing.
  • During the rental: your dedicated consultant will always be available for any assistance operation.
  • Once the rental is complete, we will return the location to its original state by collecting the facilities


Whatever the type of solution chosen, it will be necessary to install the products and manage the water connection independently or with connection to the facilities of the location.

We operate following a precise protocol to make our service excellent, in a first phase we manage the aesthetic / design part:

  • positioning according to the project of the Fashion Toilet
  • Any changes on site dictated by logistical, aesthetic or customer needs
  • Control of accessibility and use of the facilities and the area itself
  • Control of the final aesthetics of the toilet area that coincides with the demanding luxury criteria we set ourselves

Secondly, let’s move on to managing the functionality of our luxury portable bathrooms:

  • Connection to the water mains or to the autonomous one
  • Our plumber performs water pressure tests and testing
  • Testing the functioning of the drains,
  • Testing of electronic parts and emergency devices

The tests and attention we place in the installation not only guarantee the perfect functioning of our products but also respect the environment where they are placed and safeguard the existing systems.