Fashion Toilet Srl

Fashion Toilet Srl is the first Italian network specializing in Luxury Bath Rentals and luxury prefabricated structures dedicated to the world of entertainment & hospitality: Luxury Toilets, Dressing Rooms, Luxury Showers, Mobile Offices and much more.

Luxury Bath Hire for your event!


Fashion Toilet

Moving the limits, whispering new trends in a world in constant motion.
Provide event organizers with an irreplaceable Professional Partner because they are able to bring added value thanks to exclusive products designed to be in line with the best expectations.


Quality water baths

In Fashion Toilet we produce superior quality structures, we use the best interior design materials and carefully assemble them in our construction sites, guaranteeing our customers and their guests a unique experience in using a prefabricated mobile bathroom. The “Fashion Toilet Experience” is our promise to those who want the best.


Toilet Area set up

We carry out a first inspection with you, evaluating the alternatives, once you have chosen the best solution for your event, the rest is our task, continue to think about organizing your event because the success of the toilet area is guaranteed.

Why to choose Fashion Toilet

Design and production of prefabricated bathrooms

Custom design and production of any prefabricated bathroom structure. Visit our specialized site for a customized production.

Full Service Elegant Bath Hire

Our luxury bathroom rental service is complete with all kinds of needs, from the structure to the hygiene operators.

Different Solutions of Elegant Water Bathrooms

Fashion Toilet offers different types of water bath structures with dimensions suitable for any type of location.