Black Mirror Monoblock Bathrooms for rent


Black Mirror Line: features common to all models.

Design : smooth and elegant surface, Gloss Black livery, real porcelain stoneware flooring, no touch system electronic operation, LED lighting.

Functionality : water, in autonomy or with connection to the utilities of the location.

Number of guests : no limit.

Logistics : double movement system from above and below deliberately hidden from sight, compactness and ease of transport.

Rental : available with full service

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CUBE X1 Special Use

Monoblock with dimensions of 240 x 230 x 260 cm with an air-conditioned bathroom particularly comfortable with accessories and devices for perfect use by people with reduced mobility and for mothers with stroller .

Chrome finishes, black gloss environment, led lighting, baby changing mat, & nbsp; no touch system operation.


Monoblock measuring 240 x 230 x 260 cm composed of 2 bathrooms complete with all the comforts that, as in the tradition, they represent our compact and luxurious solution.

Inside, Cube X2 is characterized by new black surfaces with a mirror effect, a sink area by greater comfort thanks to its generous dimensions and the complete electronic functioning no touch system (tap, dispenser soap, towels).

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When design challenges dimensions, a small jewel can be born: our Cube X2 Slim (233 x 150 x 260 cm) is the extreme synthesis of our characteristic design inserted in a space of only 150 cm deep with 2 rooms complete and comfortable bathroom .

The design of compact solutions such as that of the Cube X2 Slim stems from our experience of setting up on location with a demanding logistics where smart solutions with weights and measures contained are required but no compromises on aesthetics or functionality.

Here, then, is that our being Producers before we are still charterers allows us to imagine solutions , to be able to actually build them and finally make them become a service for our most demanding customers.


Designed with the Department of Architecture and Design of Genoa , Cube X2 W (wichever) meets the criteria of “design for all”: accessibility, functionality and design are perfectly combined with regulatory aspects.

Born thanks to Exposanità and the collaboration of leading companies: Celegon, Duravit, EverLife, FSB, Gerflor, Ponte Giulio, WM System, Stell and Vimar. Cube X2 W is the first fully accessible luxury bathroom prototype ever made for the temporary equipment sector and is available with full service rental.

“Innovation and technology, regulatory aspects and the main needs of the user are at the basis of the guidelines for inclusive design but also aware that the environment, as it is designed, enables or disables those who uses “ from the UN Convention on disability (2006) and from the Italian law n. 18/2009 which received it.

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Monoblock with dimensions of 300 x 230 x 260 cm composed of 3 bathrooms and a large anti-dressing area with double sink and electronic taps. On the new Cube X3 we have dedicated our greatest efforts to design a monoblock that was at the same time compact outside but large and comfortable inside. Multiplying the individual Cube X3 modules it is in fact possible to create a service area with a strong, elegant and exclusive personality as only Fashion Toilet is able to provide.


We could call it All in One but it would still be simplistic, Cube X3 W is a structure with dimensions of 400 x 230 x 260 cm able to satisfy multiple needs.

Composed of 2 standard bathrooms & nbsp; and 1 bathroom with facilities for the use of people with reduced mobility and a comfortable changing mat useful for parents with a stroller.

The design is that of the Black Mirror family : glossy black livery, rectified porcelain stoneware flooring, a modern and elegant environment with accessories in polished chrome and brushed aluminum finishes, sanitary ceramics and accessories that are beautiful to look at and comfortable to use.

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